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Hole-y trinity: 3 common ways to repair fast fashion jeans

Let’s face it, fast fashion jeans are not made to last. Buying quality garments that last is better for the environment and will pay off in the long run. If you’re trying to rethink the way you consume fashion, but still have some old, tired-looking fast fashion jeans knocking about the back of your wardrobe, there’s no need to throw them out just yet. Here are a few ways how you can repair jeans.

How to make fast fashion jeans last longer

The good news is: even fast fashion jeans get better with age. As denim is broken in, it acquires a patina that adds character to each individual pair. Even if they have a hole, broken zip or worn-out hem. Find out how to fix these most common jeans issues to extend the lifespan of your fast fashion jeans.

DIY ideas to repair fast fashion jeans

What you need:

  • A damaged pair of fast fashion jeans
  • An elastic to fix a broken zip
  • A pair of scissors to fix a worn-out hem without sewing
  • Self-adhesive or iron-on patches

What to do:

1. One of the most common problems with fast fashion jeans is that they are hard to fix if you can’t sew yourself. Replacing a zip is expensive, but this quick fix is simple and effective and we’ll show you just the trick to fix your jeans zip. Thread an elastic band, hair tie or even a paper clip through the pull tab of your zip, then wrap it around the button and – hey presto! – open fly no more. If you’ve gained weight, are pregnant or are trying to squeeze into a pair of jeans that belonged to someone else, you can adapt the same clever hack by threading the elastic through the button hole and wrapping the other end around the button. Wear a longer top that covers the waistband and no one will be any the wiser.

Step 1: repair the zip of your fast fashion jeans with a rubber band

2. A worn-out hem is a similarly common challenge – and equally hard to fix if you don’t know how to sew yourself. Luckily, fashion is on your side. Frayed high-low hems are on trend and this is your chance to turn it into a DIY idea. Simply cut the back of the hem to remove the worn-out part, then cut the front to roughly ankle height. Cut and fray the resulting edge. It will look best after your jeans have been washed.

Step 2: turn the worn out hem from your fast fashion jeans into frayed high-low hems. All you will need are scissors

3. The back pockets of your jeans don’t have an easy life. They have to carry your wallet, phone and whatever else you choose to shove in there. Then you sit down, adding extra strain to the edges. Sooner or later, something’s got to give. So, just how do you replace your jeans pocket? With fancy decorative patches of course. For a quick fix, use adhesive ones like the sequin patch we used. For a more reliable hold, iron-on patches are a safer bet. If you really want to make sure your pocket fix will last, you can also sew on a patch, creating a reinforcement that is even sturdier than the original pocket.

Step 3: a great DIY idea for your worn-out back pockets. Simply stick on decretive adhesive patches