Perwoll Renew & Care Caps for dark colors

Preserve the color intensity of your dark clothes and protect them from fading.

Discover the new Perwoll Renew & Care Caps for black clothes. The innovative 3-chamber technology with care complex revives colors and smoothes fibers from the very first wash. Clothes feel and look like new.

The caps are fully biodegradable and the packaging is recyclable. 

Dark clothing tends to fade and dull over time, but with proper color and fiber care, its vibrancy and intensity can be maintained for longer. Perwoll Renew & Care Caps for dark laundry protects your clothes from fading and premature wear. Our innovative 3-chamber formula with care complex renews color intensity, smoothes frayed fibers for ultimate light reflection, and repairs micro-damage for more elasticity and even stronger fibers. The caps are biodegradable and completely water soluble.  

Product advantages:

  • Renewed color brilliance
  • Fibers are smoothed thanks to the unique care complex
  • Luxuriously fine fragrance

For dark garments. All temperatures from 20-60 degrees. Simply place a cap in the washing drum, place the laundry on top and start the wash cycle. For garments made of wool or satin, use Perwoll Wool & Delicates liquid detergent.

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