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The faces of slow fashion

The timeless story of my grandmother’s trousers

Slow fashion blogger, Olga Federico, lightly runs her fingers along the favourite item in her wardrobe – a fabulous pair of bold, black and white palazzo trousers. 


“My grandmother bought these trousers in a small boutique in Palermo,” she says, “One day I went to visit her and, as always, I browsed through her clothes. I fell in love with these trousers immediately… so she gave them to me.”

The timeless story of my grandmother’s palazzo trousers, as told by slow fashion blogger, Olga Federico

Olga smiles, her mind wandering to things just outside her reach – memories and the unshakable bond between two women. 


“My grandmother is a strong, independent woman. She’s a big inspiration and role model for me. She loves fashion and to wear prints and bright colours. I love her so much and have taken my love of fashion from her.”


In fact, it was this love that led Olga to start her successful slow fashion blog more than ten years ago. It is her little piece of internet, where she explores her passions and her appreciation for clothes – how they’re made, how to style them and how they are inextricably weaved into the telling of meaningful, personal stories.


She glances back at the trousers and tenderly strokes them again, “My grandmother and I can’t see each other so often, but when I wear these trousers I always think about her. They’re the favourite piece in my wardrobe, because I can style them in so many ways and there are so many good memories attached to them. When I have them on, I feel close to my grandmother; even when we’re not together, she is always with me.”

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