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The faces of slow fashion

The transformative beauty of slow

A crinkle forms around Sigi Brettner’s eyes. The fashion stylist breaks out into a smile, as she places a top hat onto a mannequin wearing an innocent A-line tea dress. 


“I find every fashion era interesting,” she says. “Fashion always expresses something of the spirit of the times. For me, fashion is pure nostalgia. That’s the reason I like vintage things and integrate old with new – old pieces, original pieces, always tell a story.”

The transformative beauty of slow, as told by slow fashion stylist, Sigi Brettner

She places a leather vest and clasps a vintage belt around the dress, admiring the aesthetic.


“I find it exciting to recycle things and use them time and time again, to pay tribute to an era,” she smiles, “And, rather than drown in mad consumption, appreciate things. In this way, I’m very much influenced by slow fashion.”


Stepping back, Sigi gestures to the complete outfit, highlighting how every element brings a different story and dimension. 


“For me, it’s important to make people understand that you should treat things with respect – and that clothes are not disposable. I’ve always liked slow fashion because, for me, it means reinterpreting old pieces and combining them in new ways. And when you do that, you let them live.”


What about shopping? Sigi reveals her own second-hand fashion spin. 


“I feel most elated, and do most of my shopping, when I’m travelling, because there’s so much behind the pieces I choose. I imagine who’s worn them and on which occasion. They come from the other end of the world, so I bring them home with a story. Yes, it’s very emotional, actually, and very inspiring.”

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