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The faces of slow fashion

The faces of slow fashion: Iryna Avetisyan

Slow fashion designer, Iryna Avetisyan, is the creator of her very own ethical fashion brand for babies and kids, OMOLOKO. Her sustainable designs are timeless pieces destined to be passed on from generation to generation. We spoke to Iryna about why she created OMOLOKO, the inspirations behind her designs and why she is a slow fashion supporter and advocate.

Why did you create OMOLOKO?

Iryna Avetisyan peering through her mother’s sewing machine

OMOLOKO started when my young daughter asked me to make a jacket for her favourite toy. I asked her if I should make her a matching dress. Her eyes twinkled with so much joy and excitement that my story as a slow fashion designer began. However, I knew I wanted to make original and sustainable fashion for kids that was different from your average retailer. I noticed children’s clothing racks were full of brightly coloured pieces with sparkles and sequins so I decided to direct my attention to linen and natural colours and to ensure items were produced from organic and sustainable materials.

What are some considearions you put into your work?

Iryna Avetisyan behind sustainable brand OMOLOKO reveals the inspiration behind her slow fashion items

Slow fashion is really important to me and my team so with all the steps we take in the production of our pieces, conscious decisions are made for both the manufacturer and consumer. One of the most important aspects in our work is ensuring all the production occurs in one place and that’s in our hometown in Ukraine. From creating the design to dispatching an order to the customer, it’s all done here. This way we can also comply with zero waste production as our sourced material is all made from organic biodegradable fabrics. Another important consideration is that we don’t change our collection every season; we aim to make quality over quantity. This way we can keep our bestsellers and also not contribute to waste, despite all of our items being biodegradable.

Should parents consider purchasing slow fashion pieces for their children?

Two beautiful OMOLOKO rompers made of sustainable materials

Children’s slow fashion pieces will most likely cost more than what you can find from a fast fashion brand, but for good reason. You will most definitely enjoy and appreciate them for much longer. Once little owners have grown out of their clothes, we like to encourage customers to gift them to a new owner or hold onto them for the next generation. It’s very special to to see your daughter and then her daughter wearing the same dress in their baby or childhood photos. We feel this example of slow fashion also teaches children (and adults) to care about the environment, by reducing the necessity of shopping. And as our pieces are timeless, we’re sure your daughter’s daughter or son’s son will love them as much as our family, friends and customers do.

Can you share a story behind one of your favourtie items?

A leaf cushion is one of the fair fashion stapes in Iryna Avetisyan’s collection

As we live in the countryside, fallen leaves and sticks are often collected when we go for lovely long walks. My daughter decided to draw a picture of one of the leaves that she had found. When I saw her drawing it, the desire to make it from linen filled my heart and now hundreds of these linen leaves have made their way to many homes across the world. I’m very proud to say that my young daughter is my inspiration for many of my sustainable fashion designs for kids. Her curious and adventurous mind is found in almost all of my work.

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Header image: Omoloko (PR)
Image of a child peering through her mother’s sewing machine: Omoloko (PR)
Image of two beautiful OMOLOKO rompers: Omoloko (PR)
Image of leaf cushion: Omoloko (PR)