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The faces of slow fashion

Five minutes with: Nicole Salgado

Nicole Salgado is the creator and founder of Donna Colori, a platform which demonstrates how playful, colourful and exciting sustainable fashion can be. It’s a space where readers can explore colour combinations and find conscious style inspiration.

Why did you decide to start your blog and why is it based around colour?

One of Nicole’s many beautiful colour combinations: pastel orange and tan

As I’ve always loved fashion and have a strong connection to the environment, I decided to create my blog to help people learn how to be stylish while still considering sustainability both environmentally and ethically. Fast fashion and competitive pricing has given the fashion industry a bad name. So, I want to demonstrate that there are many great alternatives by showing a positive and fun approach to sustainability, instead of making people feel guilty about their fashion choices.


For me, fashion is all about creativity – creativity that can be seen through design and colour. I’ve noticed many people enter excess consumerism because they buy without thinking what they really like. Exploring colour combinations and giving personal style tips helps my audience to make more conscious wardrobe purchases. So, for my blog, it made sense to talk about colour and how it can change one’s personal style.

Nicole Salgado’s words of wisdom – a quote that epitomises her stance on sustainable fashion choices

Globally, the vast majority of garments are mass-produced and literally disposable. Slow fashion prioritises clothing with longer life by the use of high-quality materials, timeless design and it also helps us to consider repairing clothes instead of buying them new. Therefore, slow fashion is important because it helps us conserve our resources instead of producing waste.

Why should everyone make more considered choices when curating their wardrobes?

The more carefully people select clothes for their wardrobes, the fewer pieces they will need. Therefore, it’s much better to invest in pieces that we love and will take care of. If you find that you’re buying things impulsively, this is not a good sign. These are purchases that just fill up our wardrobes and which we’ll rarely use, ultimately making us feel like we have nothing to wear. By thinking carefully about what we really want to buy and what we really like, our wardrobes will match our lifestyle and personal taste.

Neutral tones are majour feature in Nicole’s curated wardrobe. Here she wears a combination of forest green, copper and ivory

What are your best sustainable fashion tips?

I have a few tips that all involve attentiveness in how you buy and decide to wear clothes, so they’re considerations that may take time to put into practice:


  1. Invest in quality and timeless designs – this means that the next time you need something, only buy it if it’s made from quality fabrics. This will ensure that it will last longer and won’t go out of fashion easily.
  2. Create a cohesive wardrobe colour palette – this way you can easily mix and match your clothes everyday with ease.
  3. Pay attention to your clothes’ care instructions – proper care makes our garments last. I still use vintage clothing that belonged to my mum and sisters because they took good care of it.

What has been your blog’s greatest achievement?

The greatest achievement from my blog is seeing how my content is inspiring people to express themselves without sacrificing ethics to do it. I’m proud to see my audience and the people around me ask about quality fabrics, where they can get ethically resourced clothes and where they can go for second-hand clothing.


I also like to encourage people to take care of their clothes and wear them as often as possible. This is the most sustainable thing we can do for our planet. Try and find new ways to wear the clothes you already own, challenge yourself to wear a piece three different ways in one week, learn small repairing hacks and read about clothing care. There are so many ways to contribute to sustainable fashion.

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Header image: Nicole Salgado (PR)
Image of one of Nicole’s many beautiful colour combinations: pastel orange and tan: Nicole Salgado (PR)
Image of neutral tones that are majour feature in Nicole’s curated wardrobe. Here she wears a combination of forest green, copper and ivory: Nicole Salgado (PR)